Keyword, Keywords & Key-factors of Search Engine Optimization Technique


Keyword: A success mantra to get with appropriate Search Optimization          

Keyword as the name suggest the key factor in optimization process of any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other. Basically, keyword is that word which we used to search anything on internet. Now, when you’ve got the clue about the keyword you should be curious to know how to use a keyword so that the keyword placement can gives your website search a desirable result. Google is an engine and you can optimize your website with adequate optimization technique to come on prior pages on Google.

Let me share one personal experience with you so that you can understand the connection of Google engine, which is basically a machine not a human being. I was working in outsourcing IT Development Company as a content writer and one morning I searched for daily schedule of Sonia Gandhi, who is a leading congress front lady and one of the top 100 powerful women in the world. But it was surprising what I got in Google Search when I put the text “Daily Schedule of Sonia Gandhi” Google was showing me the daily schedule of Manmohan Singh, another leading congress man and the current Prime Minister of India. It was quite strange for me that time and I was completely confused. Perhaps Google team was in the same mess that time. Experts at Google were probably finding the solution for irrelevant search results. It was the time when people were about to lose faith on it as I was thinking about second options like another search engine or something or anything!

Then Google comes with the Google panda updates which come as a set of instruction and rule for the improvement of better search results. Meanwhile Google banned many website for over optimization and spam content on the web so that filtration can take place and relevant results can only be shown in a particular search result. Now, after all new set of rules and Google updates content remains the king of optimization and there is a pivotal role of keyword in creating quality plus SEO rich content. One needs to think strategically yet technically with keywords so that creative content can mark its impression after coming on top in Google and other search engine results.

Furthermore, Keywords take place in the content placed on the site as well as in the source code of website. Generally optimization process has been divided into two main categories: On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

As Search Engine Optimization techniques divided into two categories- On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO, let’s discuss one by one what stands for which types of activities and what is the importance of keyword in that.

On-Page Optimization: On-Page Optimization, This optimization technique refers to those factors which have an effect on the webpage or website listing in natural search result. These On-Page Optimization factors can be fully managed and controlled by you with favorable search engine. Actual HTML codes on site, Keywords, Meta Tags, URL, keyword placement and their density, page description, Robotx, Sitemap creation and integration are On-Page SEO terms and activity. In each of the activity Keyword plays crucial role.

Let me make it simpler by putting some real example. For example you have a website related to cosmetics you need to create and search keywords related to cosmetics and high end cosmetics products which are usually on user target prospects mind. This keyword marginally depends upon the users or target customers perception. The searching word which we call keyword is the top word that has strong top of mind recall among target audience. So to make such word in search result we need to optimize as per search engine rules or framework. That’s where this whole SEO goes around.

Off-Page Optimization: All those activities which are done for creating the visibility through content for traffic increase on website rather than on the on-site activities what we call On-Page SEO activities are felt in a category of Off-Page activities. In short, everything else On-Page is Off-Page. Following are some essential Off-Page Optimization activities to boost-up web performance:

  •  Web Submission
  • Press Release
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Ping to all top ping sites
  • RSS submission
  • Video Submission
  • Digital God Google says @ YouTube…You to Be!
  • Blog posting
  • Join Blogger community, Like and comment there
  • Social networking
  • Social Media Optimization SMO
  • Local Business listing
  • Forum Posting
  • Microblogging
  • Classified posting
  • Link Building
  • Content Syndication

Content Marketing is the best way to optimize web for your search and it’s essential to hire some professional content crafting team so that the communication on web can make some impression on Netizens. For above mentioned eighteen terms we will be using Keyword as a key tool and how to use keyword for a maximum exposure in search result and ranking, you just need to wait a bit till I write my next blog.

Here at go dizital professional SEO researchers create keywords as per your business and set them appropriately. Initially, our keyword research team spend one week on researching on your keywords and after comparing search volume, search competition create a sample of keywords. In the next step our team do competitor analyses so that the keywords can appropriately set with the content and source code. The next task is to finalize the top keywords so that as per client awareness with full facts and conceptualization so that he can imagine his website on top rank with Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Here we turn their imagination into reality with experience, technology expertise and perfection- that’s what we are known for. You can hire us by writing a mail with all your queries, we would like to revert you back with suggestion, SEO plan and cost.


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