Top 5 Social Media Networks for Business Marketing 2014

Social Media is trending high on digital screens; people/businesses are busy in convincing and engaging people/customers through. The social trend has overtaken the business world inside and now businesses are adopting many social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. These leading social media are playing pivotal yet crucial role in communicating, engaging, convincing and converting the market.  If you are a small business, online marketer or some blogger and if you are not communicating audience through social media, you are not doing online marketing. Online marketing is an essential step towards your business/brand promotion yet branding.


Every social media that we use today for personal or business networking and communication have something different to offer- Features and Interactions with their huge audience base. Based on their audience base, engagement and most hours spend on each platform following are the top 5 social media platform that every individual or business should effectively carry on for business or professional growth.

Top five leading Social Media Network are as follows:

1. Facebook


Facebook is the number one social networking platform in the world with a staggering 1.19 billion active users which was recorded in September 2013. By the end of 2014, experts are expecting Facebook to reach 2 billion users milestone. Why Facebook is a good platform for your business marketing and promotion? You can create a unique page for your busineses or brand promotion. Further you can manage and start communicating audience through this page. You can advertise, contact and get in discussions with your target audience. You can also promote your brand or business through Facebook ads, Facebook offers many advertising models for promoting your business with potential audience as per your budget or other preference. You can set geographic and demographic choices for Facebook ads.

2. Twitter


Twitter is a strong social media network of 230 million users.  Limitation of 140 characters per tweet surely is an advantage in bringing out best of your creativity.  At an average Twitter receives 500 million tweets every day.  All popular celebrities, personalities, businesses, networks, and events are active on Twitter.  With Twitter you can claim for the unique URL of your profile. Ex: @godizital

You can personalize profile image, header image and background fitting to your business. It gives you create and fix your brand image or logo styling for the background or you can fit your logo in the profile image. Attach your business website, which will become a readymade access link to your website. It gives open access to Twitter 101, a guideline of hash tags (#), @ messages and replies and best of Twitter network practices to follow. You should place Twitter API widget on your business website. Once you created your personal or business twitter profile you should create a connection network- Big is the network, bigger is the marketing exposure.

3. Google +

I have writer two post very recently for showing the importance of Goggle + social media exposure. Google+ is the social networking service from Google Inc.  This networking service had more than 540 million active users in October 2013, which surely have increased by now.

Google+ also allows you to create pages for your brand identity. Also get custom cover template and thumbnail for your brand. It Provide details of your business including contact, website, and geographical location of your business. Search your prospects around the globe with specific keywords and location. You can Manage your contacts in different circles, which will also categorize your audience. Get your Google+ page unique URL for your brand.

Furthermore, you will get access to range of various webmasters and API console services along with your Google+ page, which will allow you to broadcast your business on other online platforms.

4. LinkedIn


It’s better to add word professional before social networking site when we are talking about LinkedIn. With a network of 259 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform.  This networking service provides you to create a professional profile and manage your connections by your own, within your professional capacity.  LinkedIn also is capable of creating brand identity for your product.

It allows you to create a group for your brand and promote it within your connections. You can personalize your brand’s group in your own style. Get new connection suggestions out of your existing connections and build your network within your professional or business networking preference. Use search feature to find new prospect clients for your business.

5. Pinterest


Pinterest is the best social bookmarking service with 70 million users by November 2013.  This is a board-style image-pinning networking service, where you can list your business or company for online marketing.

Pinterest allows you to create a business profile on its network. You can create profile with a personalized username for your business. You can connect other social networking profiles with Pinterest account in order to display your activity on them. It is advisable to link your Facebook with Pinterest account so that whenever you pin a new image, it automatically shares it on the Facebook.  Pinterest, pictures and visual content is trending on digital screen and people love to share and interact with, you cannot ignore this huge social media network, best is to start pinning your interest now. More you share, more you gonna make world your interest or business watch, if you know what I mean to say.

To get some fresh social media statistics and facts you should know in order to become efficient social media marketer for your business or personal networking will follow in my next blog. Stay in touch or go dizital.




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